Thursday, November 6, 2008

Our Family is Growing....

and so am I :)

I wanted to share our news with everyone~ We are having another baby! After about a year of trying to persuade my husband, I am finally pregnant. I couldn't be happier. Yes many things are going to change, but only for the better. This was not an easy decision for us. Adding another child is not something to take lightly. It all boils down to in 10-20 years would I regret not having another baby? The answer is a big YES :) So here we! I am 3 months along. The first 12 weeks were not a lot of fun. I'm not complaining, but I'm SO glad they are over. It seemed like all I did was sleep for 6 weeks straight. I can now eat food without getting sick and make it through the day without my afternoon nap. The girls couldn't be more excited. I will never forget their reaction when we told them. They couldn't believe it. They were jumping and screaming. I just wasn't sure how they would react, but luckily they couldn't be happier. 9 months will go slow for them, but it will certainly be worth the wait :) Life as we know it has defiantly changed.