Sunday, June 22, 2008

New Invitation Designs

Bubblegum Pink Daisy

I am SO excited to start listing my new invitation designs! I have been working with a super nice gal, Betsy. She is the owner of Buttercreambaby. She is going to start carrying my silhouette invitations and note cards in her shop! We have been working together to come up with a few more background options. She has given me some great ideas to work with. I think they have turned out really cute :) I am also going to be listing these, in my shop, next week!

Baby Blue Stripes

Strawberry Stripes

Tangerine and Lime

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I LOVE Summer!

My girls and I are having the best summer so far! We decided to join a pool this year! The blow up pools are just not cutting it anymore. We have only gone a few times, but the girls love it. They are learning to swim and having a great time with their friends. It gives us something to do that all of us can enjoy. They can swim and Mommy can catch a few rays ~ everyone is happy! They are finally to an age where we can do more things. We are past the baby/toddler stage. It is so nice not to worry about diaper bags, sippy cups, nap times, ect. I am really enjoying this new stage! I'm not ready to say no more babies though. I have had baby fever for a few months now. I am just enjoying my girls and whatever is meant to be will be :)

Monday, June 9, 2008

Giveaway at Lipstick to Crayons

lipstick to crayons

I found a great blog the other day I wanted to share with everyone! It is written by 2 sisters Kristie and Jennifer. They have great articles, recipies, and giveaways. I am lucky enough to be doing a giveaway there this week.

I am giving away
~5x7 print(ready for framing),
~8 note cards
~8 round stickers in a matching design.

Go check out their blog and enter the contest :) Hope you win!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

I'm going to .......

PARIS! I can't believe it, it's official. I'm going to the most romantic place in the world! If you know me I'm sure you are saying~ Sure you are. But really I am! I live in PA and the farthest I've traveled is Las Vegas. That was even far for me. Before that the farthest place was New Jersey. I know this is BIG! I have always wanted to travel, it just hasn't been in the cards. College, new house, kids, things just have always come up. My husband has to travel to Germany for work. He said~ I really wish you could come, if only you had your passport. Well that's all it took. I was at the Post Office the next morning asking how quick I could get one. That is an opportunity you can not pass up.

The passport showed up in about a week and a half. Pretty quick! So my thoughts~ we are going to Germany, how about Paris??? After lots of discussion my hubby finally agreed! So in a month I will be jet setting to EUROPE for 8 days. If you would have told me I'd be in Europe this summer, I would have said it will never happen. Just goes to show you anything can happen ;)

So now I am shopping for things to wear, practicing my French, and trying to get meds for the 8+ hour flight :) If anyone has any suggestions or tips I would love to read them.

babycakes art Giveaway at Girl Indie

I wanted to tell everyone that Girl Indie is throwing a Birthday Bash. They are giving away tons of really great prizes! Go check it out! I am lucky enough to be paticipating. I am doing my BIGGEST giveaway yet :) I am giving away a framed 5x7 personalized print. You may choose any design from my shop. You may choose a birth announcement , name , or custom silhouette print. We will work together to make sure everthing is just the way you want it. The giveaway runs now thru June 12th. So hurry :) Good luck to everyone!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

New Design~ Name Prints

Love Birds

I wanted to share another new design! I think this one is my favorite :) I love the bright colors and the cute little love birds. I love to use adorable children's bedding as inspiration. This one caught my attention right away! Hopefully everyone else likes it too :)

I also have made this design into note cards with matching stickers~

This is another version of the note card with a different background. Any comments or suggestions are always welcomed :)

Monday, June 2, 2008

New Product Line

Girls and Bugs

Boys and Bugs

I am so excited to start listing these! I've been wanting to expand my line to include all children, not just babies. I have come up with a few ideas that would look cute in a toddler or little boy or girl's room. I still wanted to keep it a personalized print, so I did a cute design and added the name in the middle. I am going to list these as a 8x10 prints. Who doesn't LOVE things with their name on it :) I know my girls do! I am also going to make them available as note cards too! I think this would be adorable for a little boy or girl to send as thank you's for a birthday party or to send to say "hi" to Grandma or Grandpa. Keep checking back! I am going to be designing and listing lots of things in the next few weeks.