Monday, March 31, 2008

New Photos



The other day I had some people critique my etsy shop. They had really good comments, but said my pictures were really dark. I decided to go outside and retake new photos. I used a tree for my background and put my frames and note cards on a bench. I just replaced my old ones! I think they look much better.

I have gotten so much information in the etsy forums. People there are so helpful and kind. They are a great support for someone like me who is just starting out. Thanks to everyone for all the advise :)


Holly said...

Hey Bekkah! Thanks for your email. I'm a newbie too! It's always nice to help pass around a good word :-) Good luck on your shop. Your cards are super cute and after word gets out and passed around, you'll be busier than you can believe!

Holly said...

Just thought of something else to tell you... I don't know if these comments will show links, so go to my blog and click onto the blog link for Folio Hello. She has some GREAT photo tutorials and some are specially geared to taking photos for etsy. I've learned a lot (still more to learn!) but I think my pictures are getting better and better. Practice makes perfect!